Worst Time to Visit Thailand: What Month Should You Avoid?

Not saying there is an incredibly awful time to visit Thailand. However, it is instead a good idea to plan your trip. It is essential to keep in mind the season, your time of stay, as well as the activities you would like to experience.

A fully managed itinerary and schedule will help organize your vacation in the long run. If you can avoid the worst month in Thailand, then why wouldn’t you?

The worst month to travel to Thailand can depend on where you plan to go. Chiang Mai has unbearable heat in mid-February, whereas the Andaman sea should be avoided from the months of May-October for intense monsoon seasons. The month you should avoid depends on your travel needs and visiting location in Thailand.

Thailand is an excellent destination for vacationers, backpackers, and those on the lookout for new knowledge. However, some seasons can keep you back from fulfilling your travel needs.

Let’s look at some examples and why you should avoid certain months when traveling to Thailand.

Think About the Weather in Thailand 

Weather in Thailand is categorized into three seasons: hot, rainy, and dry. This grouping can be somewhat unpredictable and vary from coast to coast (1). The cool season takes place from November to February, the hot from March to May, and the rainy season from June to October.

Here are the top four places and months you should avoid traveling to Thailand: 

Chiang Mai:

Mid-February to early April is unbearably hot, with intense air pollution and horrible air quality (1).

Gulf Islands:

Koh Chang, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui are the worst to visit from October to November when rainfall is high (1).

Andaman Sea:

Islands such as Krabi, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, and Phuket experience heavy rainfall from May to October (1)

The Similan Islands:

The National Marine Park is closed from November to March (1).

Questions to Keep in Mind Before Traveling to Thailand 

When figuring out your dislikes and likes, you should keep some questions in mind before buying your tickets (1).

  1. What is your ideal weather?
  2. What region of the country do you plan to visit?
  3. Do you mind traveling in intense heat?
  4. Would you be okay with traveling in the rain?
  5. Are you easily annoyed by tough crowds?
  6. Are you affected by high humidity?
  7. Do you plan to visit Thailand for indoor or outdoor activities?
  8. Is watersports a part of your adventure plan?
  9. Are you traveling alone, as a couple, with friends, or with family?
  10. Do you plan to travel to more than one city/island?

These questions are essential in determining what time and location are best suited for your next trip to Thailand. Furthermore, these are helpful questions to consider regarding costs, experience, and memories for your benefit.

Worst Times (and Months) to Visit Thailand 

If you can not stand the scorching heat, then you should definitely avoid the month of April. However, if you are not a rain person, you should avoid August-November (2).

The Hot Season:

The hot season takes place from Mid-March to June, peaking in April. At this time, the temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius/ 86 degrees Fahrenheit in northern Thailand (2). On the other hand, Bangkok and central cities can experience hotter temperatures at 40 degrees Celcius/104 degrees Fahrenheit (2).

In the hot season, you should avoid visiting outdoor spaces that can get in the way of your knowledge and aesthetic content. During this time, the best places to visit are indoor air-conditioned shopping malls, museums, and live shows. 

The Rainy Season:

The rainy season takes place from July to October. After the hot weather, humidity falls in Thailand, and the east coast experiences the heaviest rain (2). October to November make it challenging to visit mountainous regions such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, where landslides and flooding occur (2).

You should avoid going to temples, hikes, parks, or planning outdoor activities during the rainy weather as things can get messy and unpredictable. Additionally, transportation services can get busy rather quickly.

Vacation-Friendly Months to Visit Thailand 

If you are looking to travel to Thailand, your first question should be: what is the best time to visit Thailand?

The Dry/Cool Season is regarded as the best time to visit Thailand. From November to February, there is mild and warm sunshine, as well as refreshing and clear weather. The annual events such as the Loi Krathong Festival also happen during this time (2).

During the peak season, temperatures are relatively calm, and accommodation for resorts is at premium prices. Moreover, cooler temperatures mean access to better activities: hiking, festivals, water sports, and outdoor parties (1).

You can expect the beaches and islands to be open for all outdoor activities. Diving and snorkeling are incredibly popular during this season in Phuket, Khao Lak, and Krabi (2).


All in all, what month you should avoid Thailand can depend on what your ideal expectations are. Depending on if you dislike the heat or rain, you can find out what particular months will bring you more consequences in the long run of your vacation. It is best to be prepared beforehand so that you can plan your trip for the best months that fit your interests and activities.

However, even though we could term such months as the “worst,” keep in mind that there are tremendous amounts of activities to partake in and experience- despite natural causes or mother nature: you can have fun wherever deemed possible.

Like always, if you want to discover more about Thailand, stay guided with ThaiGuider. You might learn something you never knew about this unique country.


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