How to Date a Thai Girlfriend for 7 Days (Ideas + Costs)

If you’re thinking of heading to Thailand in hope of a holiday romance, then you wouldn’t be the first. Blessed with abundant beautiful women, Thailand has long been a popular destination for men looking for love.

But it’s not all about their physical appearance. Thai women are unique and captivating. And if you’re visiting Thailand for the first time, dating there is exciting. It can also get expensive.

It can cost approximately 52,000 THB (1,500 USD) for a fun and romantic week dating your girlfriend in Thailand. This budget covers Bangkok’s most popular dating hotspots, including the best bars, clubs, restaurants, and rooftops. There’s also an allocation for shopping and spoiling her during your vacation.

This is a general rule of thumb, though.

It does depend on your financial position, what you like to do on dates, and your level of self-control. Thailand will put all of these to the test. It may not be your intention to date like crazy and splash loads of cash, but it can happen without you realizing it.

This guide covers how to have the best dating experience during your trip to Thailand. We will share the best date ideas to entertain your girlfriend and what it will likely cost you. You’ll also learn where to meet a potential girlfriend and how to date them successfully.

What Is It Like to Date a Girl in Thailand?

You won’t be short of options as a foreigner new to Thailand. There is a type of Thai woman who prefers to date foreign (farang) men. Particularly in Sukhumvit – the center of Bangkok.

Just by walking around, you’ll see attractive women at every turn. On the street, in a cafe, at the mall, or riding the BTS Skytrain. As most Thai people speak English in Sukhumvit, you’ll easily be able to strike up a conversation.

If you’re not that confident, it only takes a minute to download Tinder on your phone. The chances are you’ll get a lot more matches than in your home country. It’s quick and easy to arrange a date.

You’ll enjoy the attention. It’s part of what makes Thailand special. And dating a girlfriend in Thailand is a fun experience, especially in Bangkok.

There’s so much to do:

Bars, restaurants, pool parties, rooftops, nightclubs – you’ll be spoilt for choice. And if you’re dating a Sukhumvit girl, she’ll be happy to do the organizing and be your tour guide.

She will make you feel like a king. And in return, you’ll want to treat her like a queen. When you’re enjoying yourself, you won’t be worried about putting your hand in your pocket.

That’s how it works.

Best Ideas for a Week of Dating in Bangkok

If you want to take the lead and impress your Thai girlfriend with some local knowledge, here is your 7-day dating itinerary and approximate costs to help you budget it.

Dating itinerary

Escape Bangkok and
Flamenco at EmQuartier
695 Sukhumvit Rd6,000 THB
(170 USD)
TuesdayBike Ride
Forest Park
1,000 THB
(30 USD)
Oskar Bistro,
Levels Club, and
Sugar Club
Soi 11 10,000 THB
(300 USD)
Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar at Marriott Hotel and
Sing Sing Theater
Soi 57
Soi 45
7,000 THB
(200 USD)
Beer Tower
Chatuchak Friday
Night Market
2 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd2,000 THB
(60 USD)
Party & Dinner
Terminal21 Asok,
Westin Pool Party, and
El Gaucho Steakhouse
Soi 1917,500 THB (500 USD)
Vertigo & Moon Bar
at Banyan Tree
21/100 S Sathon Rd8,500 THB
(240 USD)
* NOTE, these costs are estimated on the premise that you want to impress your date and meet her expectations. (1 USD = approx. 35 THB)

Total cost

Based on this itinerary, the cost of dating a girlfriend for a week in Thailand is 52,000 THB (1500 USD).

This is a ballpark figure.

You might not want to do every date on the list. Perhaps you’re not much of a party animal. Or, if you party hard together one night, you’ll be hungover for the next day’s activities.

You could date a Thai girl with lower expectations. Or, you’re confident in your ability to charm her without spending so much money. Also, everyone’s budget is different. You can still have a great time in Thailand when spending less.

But keep in mind – money talks when dating Sukhumvit girls. If you aren’t prepared to go big, they may look for some other farang who will. Dating in Bangkok is a dog-eat-dog environment.

Spending money comes with the territory.

If you are prepared to spend upwards of 50k THB during your visit, you’re sure to have an unforgettable dating experience.

In truth, this is a modest figure. If you have set your sights high and want to mix in some serious circles, know that some men are prepared to burn 50k+ THB a night in Spasso Restaurant & Bar.

And if you check out the big malls in Bangkok like Siam Paragon, it’s not unusual to see farangs treating their girlfriends to luxury Louis Vuitton bags for that amount.

What Makes Them Great Date Places (and Worth the Money)

Now that you have a dating itinerary and a budget to work off – let’s look at these ideas in more detail to explain what makes them great things to do with your girl.

Escape Bangkok

Watch your cocktails being made in front of you at Escape

Escape is a chic cocktail bar that provides a rest bite from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok life. It has a tropical vibe on the 5th floor of The EmQuartier.

You’ll both immediately feel like you’ve arrived at a beach bar in Bali. Only this bar is positioned in the center of Sukhumvit. It has a great view of the city skyline and is a perfect place for sunset photos.

Address:5th Floor, Building B, The EmQuartier, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:5 PM – 11 PM
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:Cocktails (2000 THB)
Reservation:(Make Reservation)

Flamenco Bangkok

Flamenco is a Latin-inspired nightspot also located in The EmQuartier. You’ll find it on the 9th floor, and it comes with a 180° view of the Bangkok skyline from its outdoor deck.

Serving an excellent selection of South American tapas and drinks (of course, tequila), Flamenco is an excellent venue to get flirty. The decor is romantic, with a vintage style influenced by Latin cultures.

Address:9th Floor, Building A, The EmQuartier, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:6 PM – 12 PM (WED-SAT)
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:Cocktails, Tequila, Tapas (4000 THB)
Reservation:(Make Reservation)

Benjakitti (Benchakitti) Forest Park

Benjakitti is a popular public park in Bangkok’s business district. It is a great alternative date place to experience a different side of Bangkok. The park has recently completed a long-awaited expansion project to 72 hectares of greenery. (Source)

It contains a walkway (known as “The Green Mile”) that slices through the city, providing a panoramic view of its skyscrapers. It’s a picturesque route for a romantic walk or bike ride together.

Address:Ratchadaphisek Rd, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:5 AM – 9 PM
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:Taxi, Coffee, Bike Hire (1000 THB)

Oskar Bistro

Oskar is the ultimate pre-party date place in Sukhumvit

If your girlfriend knows about Oskar, she is a girl who likes to party. Oskar is one of the most visited pre-clubbing venues in Sukhumvit. This place ticks all the boxes for food, drink, music, and atmosphere.

Packed full of beautiful ladies, remember to pay attention to your date. Otherwise, she might get jealous. Oskar sets up the night perfectly for what’s to follow on Soi 11. Remember to book a table ahead of time.

Address:24 Soi Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:5 PM – 11 PM
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:Dinner, Drinks (3000 THB)
Reservation:(Make Reservation)

Levels Club

You’ll see Levels directly across the road from Oskar. Levels aim to bring “the thrills and ambiance of Europe’s nightclub scene to Bangkok.” And they do a good job. You’ll be treated to a night of entertainment, with a mix of resident DJs, live performances, and dancers on stage.

The bar is positioned in the middle of the club with space around it. There are standing tables below the stage and plenty of options for the VIP experience. Your girl will be happy to be seen in this club. Anyone who is anyone in Sukhumvit parties there.

Address:Aloft Hotel, 6th Floor, Sukhumvit Soi 11, 10110 Bangkok
Opening Hours:9 PM UNTIL LATE
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:Entry, Drinks (2000 THB)
Reservation:Tel: +66 82 308 3246

Sugar Club

A standing table and table service is essential for a date at Sugar Club

It’s unlikely you’ll want to stay in Levels all night. This is where Sugar comes in. Partying in Bangkok is not the same unless you visit this notorious hip-hop club.

But get ready to have a lot less space. Sugar is a small yet extremely popular venue. It will get crowded, but it’s all part of its vibe. You’ll be inspired to get down and dirty with your date.

Forget the dancefloor, though. Make sure you buy a bottle so you get allocated your standing table. Your girlfriend won’t expect anything less.

Address:37 Soi Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:9 PM UNTIL LATE
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:Bottle & Standing Table (5000 THB)
Reservation:Tel: +66 61 391 3111

Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar

Out of all the awesome rooftop bars Bangkok offers, there is something special about Octave at The Marriott Hotel. Located on the 49th floor, you’ll see Sukhumvit’s skyline spectacularly.

The music and atmosphere are ultra chilled. If you’re looking for a laid-back date, then Octave is a must-go. For this reason, it’s one of the most popular date places in Bangkok.

Tip: It takes two elevators to get to the top. The first elevator stops on the 45th floor, which also has a rooftop bar. However, you must jump into another elevator and walk up a set of stairs to reach the bar.

Address:The Marriott Hotel, 2 Soi Sukhumvit 57, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:5 PM – 11 PM
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:Food, Drinks (3000 THB)
Reservation:(Make Reservation)

Sing Sing Theater

Sing Sing in all its glory (Source)

Sing Sing Theater is a popular high-end nightspot tucked inside Soi Sukhumvit 45 Alley. With its ceiling lined with red lanterns and silk-covered walls, Sing Sing replicates an ancient Chinese theatre. Its name is taken from the Chinese phrase “Xing Xing,” meaning rising star.

This venue is considered “HiSo” (Thai slang for wealth and status), so your girlfriend will approve. Sing Sing is a busy yet small club. It’s also very dark inside, so be careful when you climb the staircases.

Address:45 Sukhumvit 45 Alley, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:8 PM – 12 AM
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:Cocktails, Drinks (4000 THB)
Reservation:Tel: +66 63 225 1331

Chatuchak Friday Night Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is the biggest market in the world, with over 15,000 stalls and hundreds of thousands of visitors every weekend. It’s fair to say it gets a bit cramped. (Source)

The good news is that Chatuchak also opens every Friday night as an alternative for those wanting to avoid the large crowds. This offers a more relaxing environment to stroll around with your girlfriend and enjoy local food and drink.

Address:2 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Opening Hours: 9 PM – 6 AM
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:Shopping, Drinks (2000 THB)

Terminal21 Asok

This is a lively shopping mall in the tourist area of Asok. Each floor is uniquely themed to reflect different touristic cities and locations around the world. Hence the name “Terminal 21.” The mall also has the largest escalators in Thailand. (Source)

There are plenty of shopping and dining opportunities for you to spoil your girl. Bangkok is packed with luxury malls, such as Emporium and IconSiam, but Terminal21 is the usual choice for first dates.

Address:88 Sukhumvit Soi 19, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:10 AM – 10 PM
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:Lunch, Gift Shopping (5000 THB)

Westin Pool Party

Book the VIP Package at the Westin Pool Party, and your date will be happy

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel comes to life. This is because it hosts arguably the hottest and liveliest pool party in Bangkok. With great music and an awesome vibe, it’s the perfect place to let loose with your girlfriend.

But do note that it’s an intimate venue. The pool area gets packed, so you’ll be close to other people. If you prefer more space during your date, then The Westin is not for you.

Address:The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, 259 Soi Sukhumvit 19, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:2 PM – 9 PM
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:VIP Package (6000 THB)
Reservation:(Buy Tickets)

El Gaucho Steakhouse

Tip: Don’t leave until you and your girlfriend enjoy the free shots

Directly opposite The Westin Hotel on Soi 19 is El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse. Regarded by many as home to “the best steak in Bangkok.”

This restaurant can get pretty lively positioned in the heart of Sukhumvit. Especially after The Westin Pool Party. The restaurant contains four floors and an outside terrace with a good view of the vibrant Sukhumvit Road. Without a doubt, another hot date place to enjoy with your girlfriend.

Address:4-7 Soi Sukhumvit 19, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:11 AM – 12 AM
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:2 x Steak, Wine (6500 THB)
Reservation:(Make Reservation)

Vertigo & Moon Bar

Dating at the top of the Banyan Tree is an unforgettable experience

It doesn’t get better for a luxurious and romantic evening than this grill-and-bar rooftop at Banyan Tree. Vertigo offers an alfresco dining experience, and the Moon Bar provides all the exotic beverages.

From the 61st floor, you and your date will be treated to remarkable 360° views of Bangkok. And if you want to do something truly memorable – step out on the glass floor and do the “Moon Walk” together.

If that’s too scary, try fine dining at the famous Sirocco restaurant – Lebua at State Tower in Silom. You’ll get equal kudos for going there.

Address:Banyan Tree, 21/100 S Sathon Rd, Sathon, Bangkok 10120
Opening Hours:5 PM – 12 AM
Google Map:(Get Directions)
Cost Breakdown:2 x Steak, Wine (6500 THB)
Reservation:Tel: +66 63 225 1331

8 Tips on Successfully Dating a Thai Girlfriend

1. Don’t try too hard

When dating any woman, you should always be yourself. Trying too hard to impress her or pretending to be someone else will only stress you out. If you are on vacation, your time in Thailand is limited. Make the most of it without the added pressure.

If you follow our itinerary above and intend to spend big, you’re already doing enough. You’ve put yourself in a position to let your money do the talking.

It is what it is. So, don’t try too hard to charm her too much. She may play along and humor your efforts. But in her head, she will probably think it’s weird.

2. Be respectful

On the other hand, you shouldn’t be disrespectful either. Just because you’re taking your girlfriend on lavish dates and throwing money around – doesn’t mean you can treat her like an object.

And, don’t assume you have a special “arrangement.”

You should not expect something in return. (You know what we are getting at!)

Respect is reciprocal. If you are well-mannered and courteous, she will be the same. If you’re showing her a good time and treating her well, it’s embedded within their culture to give back.

But, if you find that she is being unappreciative or generally a bad apple – move on. There’s no need for a week of drama. There are plenty more fish in the sea, especially in Thailand.

3. Be open and honest

Lay the foundations early. She will probably already sense that you are a tourist. But it’s best to be open and honest that you are “here for a good time, not a long time.”

This will ensure everything is clear from the get-go. Some Thai women you meet may seek a long-term (long-distance) relationship or even a husband. So be upfront and tell her that you are not looking for anything beyond your stay. This prevents any unnecessary confusion.

Tip: It may sound silly, but it’s a good idea to find out her age. It is true that Thai women naturally look younger. However, it’s best to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to get in trouble with Thailand’s age of consent laws.

4. Be friendly and don’t take it serious

Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ for a reason. Remember, you are there to have fun. So, go out, be friendly and chat with a smile. Don’t worry if your date is having a good time or not. If a Thai girl is interested, she will make sure you know about it.

And even if she isn’t smiling back or not saying much, don’t overthink it. She might just be shy or nervous about speaking English.

There’s no time to get serious on your vacation. You have just started dating, so it is not a relationship.

5. Learn the local lingo

If English is a stumbling block, why not learn to speak some simple Thai. Thai girls are always impressed when a foreigner attempts to speak their language.

And if you’re finding regular flirting a bit awkward, download the Line Messenger App (Thailand’s equivalent to WhatsApp) to your phone and chat with her there. You can also download “stickers” and send them to her to break the English barrier.

Tip: If you want to joke around with your girl and be extra charming, instead of typing “Haha,” write a series of “555’s.” Check out our article, What Does 555 Mean in Thailand? for more information.

6. Don’t get greedy and date many at the same time

Bangkok is a dating playground. If you find yourself getting overexcited and thinking about dating many girlfriends during your trip, remember that this is risky business.

Not only would you be inviting a conflict situation, but Sukhumvit girls have the propensity to seek revenge. If they have your social media details, there is a chance they will share your profile on secret Facebook groups among local women.

Bangkok is a big city, but Sukhumvit feels like a village. Everyone knows everyone, and people talk. If you get caught dating multiple women, there is a chance you could get blacklisted.

It’s not worth developing a bad reputation. Unless you don’t plan on returning to Thailand?

7. Keep your financials safe

It is not unheard of for Thai girlfriends to “help” the farang man with local bank accounts during their visit. While you’d benefit from conversion fees and ATM charges (220 THB per withdrawal), the risk outweighs the reward.

Once that money is deposited into that account, remember they also have access to it. And if things don’t work out between you, your money is at risk. If she finds out you are dating another girl, it’s as good as gone.

Moreover, our budget recommendation of 52,000 THB (1,500 USD) is more than adequate for a week. Avoid getting carried away and spending more. Things can quickly snowball out of control. Stick to this budget and resist the temptation of flexing the credit card on shots in the VIP area.

If your girlfriend can sense that you’re feeling inadequate, she may provoke you into spending more than you’d like. Don’t let your ego get the better of you.

8. Be attentive to their needs

You don’t want to be provoked into overspending. But if things are going well, you might want to buy your girlfriend a gift or give her money.

This is where you need to pay attention and understand how this works. If your girlfriend would like you to buy her something, it’s unlikely she will outright ask you for it. One way or another, she will let you know. Take note of those subtle hints.

Also, if you give her a gift or money, she may initially act shy and refuse it. Don’t worry about that. It’s all part of the game. Over time, you’ll start to spot the pattern. It’s easier to play along with it.

5 Ways to Get a Girlfriend in Thailand

1. Online Dating Apps

Starting with the obvious – one of the best ways to meet Thai women is on dating sites and apps.


Tinder has become popular in Thailand among those seeking more casual relationships. If you are looking for a Thai woman in her 20s who can comfortably speak English and is more in tune with Western culture, this favorite dating app is for you.

Thai Friendly:

Thaifriendly is one of the best Thai dating sites to find girls and Asian ladyboys interested in dating foreigners.

Thai Kisses:

Thai Kisses is another popular Thai dating site. This one might be for you if you’re looking for a more mature woman.

2. Instagram

Alternatively, you could skip the dating sites and take a softer approach. As the saying goes, consider “sliding into their DMs” on Instagram.

The chances are high that she will read your message. Thai girls are known to filter through their DM’s when they are bored and feel like going on a date. So, if she doesn’t respond immediately, don’t get disheartened.

With a simple DM, there is a chance you could build a rapport and line up a date with them before you arrive in the country.

A note about their bio:

Don’t be put off if they’ve written not to DM and “business inquiries only,” etc. It’s a subtle cue that usually means the opposite. They also tend to mark their location on their bio and include a link invitation.

But no matter what judgment you have made. Always keep it clean and respectful.

3. Bars and Clubs

Now to the good old-fashioned ways.

Can you remember some of our suggestions above? Well, these bars and clubs are not just perfect date places – they are where singles hook up too.

What’s cool about Bangkok nightlife is that there is no stigma or awkwardness when you party alone. So it’s very easy to meet other people doing the same thing.

Head to any bar or club in Sukhumvit, and you could meet your next girlfriend. Here are some popular night spots we haven’t already covered:

MIXX Discotheque

“It’s a numbers game.”

MIXX always has a favorable female to male ratio. This popular nightclub still seems to go under most tourists’ radar. All ladies are given free entry, so you’re guaranteed to find plenty of beautiful Thai women and fewer foreign men.

Situated underneath the InterContinental Bangkok, it’s an intimate venue with two rooms, contemporary R&B in the main room and another for dance music lovers. Prices in MIXX are favorable compared to the mainstream clubs.


You’ll find plenty of tuk-tuk drivers in Sukhumvit keen to take you to MIXX. Why? Because the club pays them a commission. So, make sure you don’t end up paying for your ride!

The Club at Koi

The VIP area at Koi is spacious to entertain your date or to find one in the club

Check out Ladies’ night on a Wednesday, and you’ll be spoiled for choice. However, be prepared for it to be packed out.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, the VIP area in Koi can be a good investment when it’s super busy. It is spacious enough for you to invite guests. And being slightly raised from the main dancefloor, you can easily spot who you find the most attractive.

Don’t forget to make eye contact. The VIP area is your perfect opportunity.


We’ve already introduced you to Sugar Club and Levels Club, but here’s the other option from the famous three nightclubs on Sukhumvit Soi 11.

As its name indicates, Insanity is a different vibe. Get ready for a wild night of fist-pumping to EDM music. It may not be the best environment to converse with women, but the place is always full of hot girls looking to hook up.

Tip: If you like the Insanity vibe, but it is too crowded for you – try visiting Club Insomnia in Pattaya. It’s a similar atmosphere but less rowdy, making chatting easier with women. There are pool tables and a beautiful outdoor ocean-view terrace to hang out with a potential Pattaya girlfriend.

Route 66

Route 66 Club in Bangkok’s Royal City Avenue (or RCA as the locals know it) is a good alternative if you want to party somewhere less geared towards ‘farangs.’

Located 3 kilometers from the center of Sukhumvit, Route 66 will feel less touristy. It may be a bit more out of your comfort zone. But the benefit is that you’ll likely encounter many attractive local women.

But brush up on your approaching skills beforehand. Girls are less likely to make the first move than down Sukhumvit Soi 11.

4. Around Bangkok

Sukhumvit Soi 11

If you’re not in the partying mood, you don’t need to hit the clubs on Soi 11 to meet a potential girlfriend. The street is usually packed with beautiful ladies you could start chatting to.

It also has plenty of casual bars like Hemmingway’s and rooftops, such as Above Eleven and Nest Rooftop, where you can keep things casual.

Located just a short walk from Nana BTS Station, Soi 11 is in the middle of the action. This famous night street also has many hotels, so this is a great place to stay for a busy week of dating in Sukhumvit.

Khao San Road

If you are looking for something different from the typical bars and clubs, then Khao San Road might be for you. It is filled with bars and clubs and has road parties every night where you can just hop in and out.

This famous road in Bangkok has something for everyone, attracting foreign tourists and locals alike. Grab a massage, smoke shisha, eat a scorpion, chill with a beer tower, or party like crazy – the choice is yours.

Khao San Road is the ultimate tourist hotspot, so you’ll meet people from all parts of the world. Girls from all over Thailand flock here too. So, it’s an excellent place to find a girlfriend for the rest of your holiday.

5. Outside Bangkok

This article has focused on a 1-week trip to the center of Bangkok. But obviously, Bangkok goes beyond Sukhumvit, and Thailand goes beyond Bangkok.

There are beautiful women all over Thailand, such as in Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Northeast Thailand (Isan) region. So, if you have more time in Thailand – go ahead and explore!


Farang men have been flocking to the Land of Smiles to date its local women for decades.

Girls in Thailand are not just beautiful. They have character traits deeply rooted within their culture that can mesmerize men. And they know it. That’s why dating them is so much fun.

Are you ready for a week of dating in Bangkok? This article has given you all the tools – tips, ideas, and costs.

To have the best time, remember:

  • Money talks, so set yourself a decent budget.
  • Don’t overspend, either by trying too hard to impress or because you’re feeling like a rockstar.
  • Be respectful at all times, and don’t expect anything in return.

Oh, and the golden rule … don’t fall in love.

Remember how the relationship started. You don’t want to risk losing everything!

Like always, if you want to discover more about Thailand, stay guided with ThaiGuider. You might learn something you never knew about this unique country.


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