5 Types of Girls in Thailand: Characters & Personalities

It is a well-known fact that girls in Thailand are very exotic and beautiful. From world-famous K-pop idol Lisa of Blackpink to internationally recognized actresses like Yaya and Davika, there is no denying that they are easy on the eye. When looking for your possible dream girl from Thailand, there are various options with unique characteristics.

Girls in Thailand are from all different kinds of backgrounds from traditional good girls to liberated gold diggers. Moreover, girls vary from being soft-hearted, faithful, family-oriented, and high society morals. Most are in deep search of a man who fits their likes and not their dislikes. 

If you are curious to get to know more about girls in Thailand and hoping to start a romance there, here are all things you need to know.

5 Types of Girls in Thailand

When meeting girls in Thailand, there are several types of personalities you may encounter. Here are some of the most common types you most likely to encounter during your stay.

1. The Traditional ‘Good Girl’

They are the most stereotypical type of girls that one might think of when people say ‘good girls from Thailand.’ This type of girl typically works in an office and supports her family members (1). She is not interested in casual dating or one-night-stands and doesn’t socialize in clubs and bars (2). Additionally, she takes marriage and love seriously, as she has strong family values.

Moreover, the traditional ‘good girl’ is shy, conservative, and docile. Compared to other Thai girls, a conventional type of girl doesn’t wear much makeup and has little interest in fashion – she honestly sounds like the perfect housewife material. However, there are many drawbacks to the traditional Thai girl- they do not speak English very well, and the language barrier can create a communication problem.

2. The Bar Girl

Another stereotypical Thai girl known amongst foreigners is the ‘bar girl.’ Girls of this type are usually found in popular tourist spots like Pattaya and Phuket. Bar girls typically come from low-income family backgrounds, such as Issan, a northeastern province of Thailand (2). They work in clubs and bars to support their families or pay off their debts, while some work as bar girls to pay for their education and living expenses. 

Bar girls are notorious for their ‘sick buffalo’ scams where they would tell foreigners the story about their family’s ‘sick buffalo’ and how they are in dire need of money to cure this buffalo so that they can continue making money. Most of the time, these stories are fake. Therefore, if you ever fall for a bar girl in Thailand, make sure that she is genuine with you or end up with a broken heart.

3. Hi-So Girls

Hi-So stands for High-Society, meaning that these girls come from wealthy families. They have the looks, the money, and of course, status (1). Their hang-out circles are entirely different. They usually hang out at fashion shows, VIP lounges, and private parties (2). However, these places are exclusive and only accessible if you have a lot of money and connections. Thai girls in Bangkok are more likely to be one of these Hi-So girls as they are more exposed to society.

4. The Liberated Girl

As for the liberated Thai girl, she can speak English very well, has a stable and promising career, and usually comes from middle class or upper-middle-class. Thanks to this, most liberated girls have graduated from prominent universities. Some have even spent some time abroad, giving them the ability to speak more than one language (2).

Liberal girls are more social as they have been exposed to Western culture, making them very open-minded about dating. They are the type of girls who are less likely to care for money and instead are looking to find someone they can genuinely love before they jump into a relationship.

In a word, they are the complete opposite of traditional Thai girls, but it doesn’t mean that they are not good girls. Instead, these liberated Thai girls may even be the best girls in Thailand you will ever encounter!

5. The Gold-Digger

Gold-diggers exist worldwide but are common types of girls found in Thailand. Yes, like any other gold-digger- they only care for one thing – money. They look for rich men, foreigners, and locals who can shower them with gifts and presents. Many Thai gold diggers would dress up in inexpensive clothing and go to clubs every night to find their targets. These girls do not care for a serious relationship but only about money and materialistic items. Some also date foreigners to move to foreign countries (1).

Personality Traits

The most basic way to understand anyone would be to get to know their personality traits, as this is one of the first things you notice in a person. Below are the common personality traits that are found in most.


Most local people in Thailand are family-oriented, and the same goes for the girls in Thailand. Thai girls care very deeply about their families. They tend to put their family members first, especially if they are the eldest daughters of their families, as they have to be the primary breed winner of the household. 

Most of these women take care of their parents and younger siblings, with some even staying under the same roof after getting married. Unlike western countries, Asian culture celebrates children rather than independence (3). Therefore, it is uncommon for girls to move out of their house when they become adults.

This way, Thai girls are exposed to a code of polite behaviors daily while growing up. They are taught to show respect to their elders, such as bowing down while passing in front of the elders or sitting on a lower seat when they are present in the same room.

Society, culture, religion, and even the education system have taught the girls in Thailand to show their gratitude to their parents. It is accepted as everyone’s responsibility to take care of their parents, or otherwise, they will be seen as irresponsible and ungrateful. So, it is natural for Thai girls to put their families first and fulfill their families’ wishes. If you are to date a Thai girl, it is essential to gain approval from her family.

Considerate and Soft-Hearted:

Thai girls are also very considerate and soft-hearted, with the genuine intention of being raised in friendly and welcoming families. For this reason, Thai girls are the feelings of people around them and will always try their best to make people happy. Additionally, Thai girls are incredibly respectful of their elders. In the same way, they do not hesitate to show their affection towards their partners and go to extra lengths to make their loved ones feel cared for (4).

Furthermore, Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles,’ and Thai girls should always try to keep a smiley face when they are in public. Girls will tend to keep to themselves and never share when something upsets them. However, this does not mean they are always submissive; Thai society has shaped girls to solve conflicts in private (3). Therefore, if you ever get into an argument with a Thai girl, it would be scarce for her to challenge you or make a scene in public, and she will also expect you to do the same. 

House-Wife Material:

Before proceeding with this part, this doesn’t mean that there are no working ladies among married Thai women. There are a lot of working women in various sectors of the country – medical, political, business, etc. But usually, girls in Thailand are organized and value housework. This is because girls have grown up helping their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers cook, clean, and grocery shopping.

Additionally, Thai parents raise their girls with traditional values in understanding the gender roles in society. Women are expected to fulfill the feminine aspects of relationship dynamics (4): to cook, clean, take care of the kids, and take care of themselves to be presentable in public.

Of course, with the times changing, it becomes more of a choice than less as a given fact that girls need to follow these ancient values, but it still holds in many parts of the country that girls need to know how to do all the essential housework. 

Faithful but Easily Jealous:

Thai girls are known to be very faithful to their partners. Many have agreed that if a Thai girl likes you, she will remain loyal to you and expect you to be reliable and honest to her as well. Most breakups occur due to cheating or feeling dissatisfied with your partner.

Otherwise, they won’t have any problem staying loyal to you and only you (3).  Moreover, due to the taboo topic of divorce, it is rare for Thai girls to give up on relationships that easily. Thai girls will always put their families above everyone else, especially when supporting their partners at any chance they get. 

However, Thai girls get insecure and jealous very quickly due to dishonesty and cheating. This jealous trait can even be observed with the bar girls as they dislike getting their customers snatched by other girls working in the same bar (4).

For other Thai girls, it is more serious. Unlike in Western culture, where it is normal for a woman and man to hang out alone, it is considered strange in countries like Thai, where old traditions still dominate in the society. Therefore, Thai girls are not comfortable or happy if their partners hang out alone with other girls, even if they are just close friends or colleagues. One reason behind this logic might be the popularization of Thai dramas and music videos with plots where guys would cheat on their girlfriends with other girls who are close to them.

Therefore, if they ever catch their partners cheating on them, things can get ugly fast. Gone are the soft-hearted Thai girls who hate arguing in public, and instead, they will not hesitate to make a scene right then and there. 

Gossip Girls:

Women, in general, are known to enjoy gossip, and Thai girls are no exception to this. It is actually considered one of the ‘bad traits’ of Thai ladies because they not only enjoy gossiping, but many are also very judgmental. Many Thai women have the ‘quick to judge’ personalities and will easily judge anyone they come across- from their colleagues at work or random ‘farangs’ they meet on the street (4).

However, gossiping is not common amongst a single class; Thai girls gather in villages every afternoon to talk about recent events. For this reason, Thai girls can be rather nosy. 

What Are Their Dating Styles? (Likes & Dislikes)

Now that you have learned about different types and the basic personality traits of girls from Thailand, it’s time to find out more about their likes and dislikes when it comes to dating styles.

Gents, prepare to take notes!


Dream Man

A recent survey from Coconuts Bangkok revealed the romantic expectations of girls in Thailand, stating that women choose their dream guy based on three characteristics: Tall, Chinese Descendant, and a light-skinned guy (5). Interestingly enough, 23% of the respondents answered that they would not date men who have tattoos – due to the ‘bad guy’ portrayal of men in Thai media. 

As for personality traits, Thai girls prefer the friendly guy type. 80% of the girls who participated in the survey said they would fall for a loyal man when 66% chose ‘smart’ men. More than half of the respondents said that they like funny men (57%), and half of them also want their men to be hard-working and non-smokers (5).

Romance is Always Welcomed

According to a survey conducted by the Coconuts Bangkok team in 2014, 75% of the respondents said they love romantic gestures (5). The respondents said that it would be better if their partners paid more attention to details, like removing the plastic bag before giving the flowers.

Moreover, many girls also agreed that actions indeed speak louder than words and that the best romantic moments created by their partners are the ones that give grand gestures. Therefore, to move a Thai girl’s heart, you need to be a hopeless romantic! 

Rooftop Dinners and Flowers for Valentine’s Day

The same survey conducted by Coconuts Bangkok said that the ideal date for women included celebrations for Valentine’s Day. Many chose rooftop restaurants, such as Sirocco, Baiyoke Tower, or Red Sky, as the perfect place to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Additionally, you could take your Thai girlfriend to other famous rooftop restaurants such as SEEN. As for the Valentine’s Day gift idea, most of the girls answered that they expect the most basic and necessary gift – flowers! (5).


Below are a few of the best gifts you can buy for your Thai girlfriend or wife (6).

1. Teddy Bears and Plushies – Unlike Western women, Thai ladies love receiving cute and fluffy gifts like teddy bears or plushies, no matter how old they get. You can quickly get customized teddy bears or dolls at the department stores in Thailand if you wish to earn extra points from your lady and bonus points if you give a plushie of her favorite character or an animal that resembles her.

2. Handbags and Wallets – Thai girls also love handbags and wallets. Large or small, bright or natural colored, extravagant design or simple ones- it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you give her something she can carry anywhere so that she can proudly show it off to others. Although branded bags are expensive, many local brands in Thailand are just as cute and won’t create a massive dent in your wallet, so it’s a win-win situation for both sides.

3. Photograph Albums and Frames – Girls in Thailand love taking photos and getting their pictures taken as well. It is almost a given fact that she will take pictures of every date you two went – both to share on social media accounts and to keep the memories. Therefore, giving photo frames or albums would be a very fitting gift as she can use it to keep all the photos of you two in them!

4. Snacks – Flower bouquets are a must, but if you are looking to give a more creative and practical gift, snack bouquets or snack boxes would be a perfect gift idea! Thai girls love eating snacks, and they also are pleased to receive snacks like chocolates, gummy bears, Thai snacks, and popular Korean/Japan snacks. Snack gift baskets are available at gift shops around department stores, allowing you to make your customized basket. As the saying goes, “a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, this certainly applies to Thai girls too. 

5. Fashion Accessories – Thai girls are known to be very stylish and love to dress up. It is relatively common to see women taking pictures as they hang out at popular cafes. For this reason, what’s a better gift than something related to fashion? Giving a fashionable belt or a few pairs of jewelry pieces like earrings, bracelets, or rings will make Thai ladies happy. Moreover, Thai women also love wearing shawls; Thai silk is one of the top fashion accessories in the country.

And as to when you should give her a gift, well, gift-giving is a big culture in Thailand and Thai girls take anniversaries and birthdays very seriously so make sure to remember these dates too. 


Bad Jokes

Since most Thai girls prefer nice guys, it is also common for them to avoid rude jokes. Although women love men who are funny, raunchy and arrogant jokes are not the way to win over a girl. Most of these jokes are sensitive, sexist, and mock one’s physical appearance. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is better to be polite and not crack a risky joke.  

Bragging About Money

If you want to brag about being rich, don’t flex upfront. Girls in Thailand think low of men who brag about how much money they have, especially if you have a drastic class difference. While some men might believe that flexing their wealth makes them look attractive, it is the opposite for Thai women who are more attracted to personality over status.

Also, if you keep talking about money, your girlfriend or wife will get upset as she would think you are accusing her of not being equal to your status or that she is only after you for money (7). In the survey that has been mentioned above, 16% of the girls answered that they don’t care about money. 

Demands for Sex

Forget about the myths and rumors you may have heard before about ‘bad Thai girls,’ as the average Thai girl will never have sex on her first date. In Thai society, sex before marriage is considered inappropriate and deemed disrespectful as it is expected that women stay virgins until they get married (7). Therefore, demanding sex from a Thai girl is guaranteed to get you dumped. 

Talking Bad Things about Thailand (“Thai Bashing”)

Most Thai people love their country and can be pretty sensitive about foreigners’ views on their nationality. Even a tiny complaint or a silly remark can offend women and men. It is important to avoid talking badly about their country, especially the royal family or their traditions. 

Although Thai girls are pretty aware of the problems and crises in their country, they do not always love to discuss the negative side of their region (7).


Now that you have explored their personality traits, family background, and dating preferences, it is easy to note that not every girl in Thailand is the same. Every woman has her persona, charm, and uniqueness. Thus, making it difficult to follow a rule book. If you want to win a girl over in Thailand, pay attention to her likes, dislikes, and lifestyle.

Like always, if you want to discover more about Thailand, stay guided with ThaiGuider. You might learn something you never knew about this unique country.


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