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Can You Bring Edibles & CBD Oil to Thailand? (Is it Legal)

Edibles such as marijuana, also known as cannabis and weed, are drugs that have been legalized in Thailand since June 2022.

However, newcomers are still confused about whether that provides 100% flexibility and freedom. At the same time, locals are surprised that the law has come to power quickly, with the cannabis market space taking the country by storm.

Thailand is among one of the countries that have legalized CBD oil and cannabis for medical purposes. However, products that contain cannabis can not by any means be imported in and out of the country. Marijuana, for example, must be legally grown and used under a government license and/or permit.

If you are hoping to travel to Thailand for the holidays or with friends for the nightlife, this article is the perfect place to read up on drug rules. You do not want to be bringing illegal substances into a foreign country.

Can You Bring Edibles to Thailand?

Bangkok has been looking to be the best country in Asia for selling weed and becoming an international smoke shop. Since decriminalization last year, people are still afraid to come to terms with the new law and what it really means. Instead of sticking to legal stores, many are comfortable with the black market, which has no strict rules. (Source)

According to Tat News, the importance of products that contain cannabis or hemp extracts are still illegal to bring in and out of the country while traveling, as not every country has legalized the use of these drugs. So far, only a few countries, such as Malta, Uruguay, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, some Australian territories, and U.S. states, have legalized marijuana officially. (Source)

Households can only cultivate marijuana and cannabis plans within their yards or farms. Holders of these growing establishments must also have government licenses and permits that permit them to grow weed under a certain amount, which is 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. If you are found growing or using weed with higher amounts, you could be caught and face fines or jail time of up to 10 years. (Source)

Furthermore, the products can not be smoked in public areas, and you can not sell them to kids under 20. Moreover, cannabis can not be smoked by pregnant women or those just having given birth and still breastfeeding. (Source)

At the same time, Buddhist monks and novices are banned from smoking or growing cannabis. However, they can use them to treat people’s illnesses. There are now a variety of food and beverage businesses taking advantage of the fast-growing production of cannabis in Thailand. One such brand created a cannabis fish sauce, while another is famous for its brownies. (Source)

Are Edibles Illegal in Thailand?

Edibles are legal in Thailand since June 2022. One of the first cannabis advocacy movements was led by Guide at Highland. Known for selling buds, he describes his favorite as the OG X Bubblegum and talks about his business as the start of a positive mindset. (Source)

Guide grew up in a cancer family, his dad having died from liver cancer when he was studying in the U.S. Around the same time, he was also diagnosed but was treated with medical cannabis. Afterward, he tried to convince his mother, who was diagnosed, also to try taking cannabis. Still, she refused because it was not socially accepted and illegal in their home country. She sadly refused treatment and passed away. Since then, Guide has been working to treat more people and make a living off selling cannabis products.

Arun Max, the co-founder of Highland Network, has had big plans for the franchise and hopes to expand even further. Currently, the 420 Festival is the biggest promotion of weed in the country. Its 7th annual function in Buriram city, 400 km from East Bangkok, takes place on the Formula 1 Track. What used to be an academic seminar in the first year with police and lawyers has now become more than just a discussion with the narcotics control board. There is now entertainment and live music, with stalls to try out cannabis brownies and smoke. Most importantly, events as such provide more job opportunities. (Source)

Is CBD Oil Legal in Thailand?

CBD oil is legal and used in a variety of products in Thailand. A shop by the name of Filling Station is located in Phuket, Thailand, and legally sells CBD brownies. The dessert is said to be good for anxiety, depression, stress, and pain relief. (Source)

Cannabis oil is one of the most advertised wellness products, suitable for clearing muscle sores and joint pain and used for various health conditions. CBD oil was legalized and came first in coffee shops that sell CBD letters or offer CBD massages. (Source)

Cannabis oil is extracted from cannabis plants containing up to 40% CBD. Carbon dioxide is used as the primary solvent by simultaneously applying high and low pressure. Studies found that cannabis oil can help address arthritis pain, bring therapeutic relief to acne vulgaris, and also serve as a drug-resistant for helping in seizures. (Source)


Weed has been legalized in Thailand since the summer of last year. However, this law still comes with its restrictions. You cannot travel with cannabis in and out of the country or use it over a certain level of THC.

Furthermore, cannabis oil is still being used as the basis of medical treatment. As Thailand hopes to expand its weed empire, medicine remains the top priority and provides a good name for the country and its economic whereabouts.

Like always, if you want to discover more about Thailand, stay guided with ThaiGuider. You might learn something you never knew about this unique country.


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