Average Salary in Thailand: What’s a Good Monthly Wage?

Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia. As a land of opportunity, it is a great country to start a business, begin work for the first time, or earn more than you would in neighboring countries.

For ex-pats thinking about living and working in Thailand, one of the first things to consider is salary. Can we afford to live in Thailand, and is it a location that will support our desired income?

A good monthly salary in Thailand depends on your lifestyle expectations. You can live comfortably while earning 96,900 THB (2,800 USD) per month. Average salaries vary by profession, location, level of education, and expertise. Those without degrees can make decent salaries of around 16,000 THB (460 USD) per month.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the average salary in Thailand, taking a closer look at the factors that affect salaries and what you can expect to earn in various industries.

Please Note: The THB to USD exchange rate is a general estimation, as per the rate on 1st Jan 2023.

What Is a Good Salary in Thailand?

People in Thailand earn a wide range of salaries, from 24,500 THB to 96,900 THB (710 USD to 2,800 USD) per month. Salaries vary depending on the level of education, city, and field of service.

The median wage in the country is more than 100,000 THB (2,900 USD). Hypothetically speaking, more than half the country’s population earns more than that. However, we cannot simply judge why everyone in the country cannot make the same amount. There are several factors involved that can acknowledge why companies might prefer to hire highly experienced professionals. (Source)

Let’s look at some of the aspects that affect salary in Thailand, and crunch the numbers:

Average Salary in Thailand by Level of Education

The main factor that contributes to good income is personal background and education. You are likely to get paid more if you have higher degrees than having no degrees.

For example, if you have a certificate diploma from high school, you will earn 17% more than those who do not. If you have attained a bachelor’s degree from a university, you will receive 24% more than those with a high school degree.

Furthermore, master’s degree holders are paid 29% more than students with bachelor’s degrees. At the top of the pyramid is a Ph.D. holder who earns 23% more than a master’s degree holder. 

Level of EducationAverage Wage per month
     1. None8,582.52 THB (248.69 USD)
     2. Less than Elementary8,524.42 THB (247.00 USD)
     3. Primary education9,628.04 THB (278.98 USD)
     4. Lower secondary education10,665.67 THB (309.05 USD)
     5. Upper Secondary level education12,821.34 THB (371.51 USD)
          5.1.General/Academic12,316.06 THB (356.87 USD)
          5.2.Vocational14,565.75 THB (422.05 USD)
          5.3.Teacher Training19,557.98 THB (566.71 USD)
     6. Post-secondary education15,621.56 THB (452.65 USD)
          6.1. General/Academic17,075.43 THB (494.78 USD)
          6.2. Higher Technical Education15,575.25 THB (451.31 USD)
          6.3. Teacher Training12,440.12 THB (360.46 USD)
     7. Bachelor degree education23,090.76 THB (669.07 USD)
          7.1. Academic23,173.29 THB (671.47 USD)
          7.2. Higher Technical Educationn.a.
          7.3. Teacher Training22,608.65 THB (655.10 USD)
     8. Master degree level38,820.94 THB (1,124.87 USD)
     9. Doctoral degree level48,550.22 THB (1,406.78 USD)
Data based on Q3 / 2022 (Sources: National Statistical Office & Bank of Thailand)

Thailand’s Average Salary by Occupation

Similarly to all countries, Thailand’s salary is particularly divided. According to the official data from Thailand’s National Statistics Office and Bank of Thailand, the average salary varies depending on the occupation.

OccupationAverage Wage per month
Legislators, senior officials, and managers29,661.18 THB (858 USD)
Professionals27,153.04 THB (785 USD)
Technicians and associate  professionals21,895.28 THB (633 USD)
Clerks15,925.42 THB (460 USD)
Service workers, shop and market sales workers12,247.98 THB (354 USD)
Skilled agricultural and fishery workers6,684.23 THB (193 USD)
Craftsmen and related trades workers12,434.87 THB (359 USD)
Plant and machine operators and assemblers12,250.00 THB (354 USD)
Elementary occupations8,910.63 THB (258 USD)
Workers not included elsewhere19,380.52 THB (560 USD)
Data based on Q3 / 2022 (Sources: National Statistical Office & Bank of Thailand)

However, you could potentially earn more than 100,000 THB (2,900 USD) per month, depending on your profession or job title.

Here are some of the ‘higher earning’ professions:

  • Real Estate: Employees in this field can earn 70,512 THB (2,050 USD) per month.
  • ESL Teachers: Can earn 85,100 THB (2,465) per month.
  • Programmers: Can earn 96,600 THB (2,800) per month.
  • Human Resource Managers: Can earn 152,000 THB (4,400 USD) per month.
  • Business Managers: Can earn 155,000 THB (4,485 USD)per month.

Salaries can also vary on the, let’s say, teacher or business manager. A teacher who speaks English could earn less than one who speaks a native language, such as French, in France.

Additionally, specific jobs and industries offer higher increment rates. For example, you would get an increment of 8% in banking, whereas you would only get 5% if you were to work in the healthcare industry. 

Average Salary in Thailand by Location

Another essential contributor to salary is location. While you could find a decent real estate job in Bangkok and Phuket, you will probably earn a lot more money based in the central business district. 

  • Bangkok residents can earn up to 112,000 THB (3,240 USD) per month.
  • Chiang Mai residents can earn up to 107,000 THB (3,100 USD) per month.
  • Phuket residents can earn up to 65,000 THB (1,880 USD) per month.

What Is the Minimum Daily Wage in Thailand?

The lowest median wage in Thailand is 328 THB (8.59 USD), while the highest is 354 THB (9.27 USD). The pay was recently increased through the Wage Committee by 5% to support workers through the 14-year high inflation crisis. The compensation includes the cost of living, annual inflation, prices of goods, labor growth rate, and other social conditions. (Source)

Thailand’s Daily Wage Rates by Province

Studies by the local government also showed that the minimum wage varied in Thailand depending on the region.

ProvinceDay Rate
Chonburi and Phuket336 THB (9.74 USD)
Rayong335 THB (9.71 USD)
Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan and Samut Sakhon331 THB (9.59 USD)
Chachoengsao330 THB (9.56 USD)
Krabi, Hong Kaena, Chiang Mai, Trat, Nakhon Ratchasima, Ayutthaya, Phang-nga, Lopburi, Songkhla, Saraburi, Sufan Buri, Surat Thani, Nong Khai and Ubon Ratchathani
325 THB (9.42 USD)
Prachin Storm324 THB (9.39 USD)
Kalasin, Chanthaburi, Nakhon Nayok, Mukdahan, Sakon Nakhon and Samut Songkhram
323 THB (9.36 USD)
Kanchanaburi, Chinat, Nakhon Phanom, Nan, Bung Kang, Buri Ram, Prachuap Hiri Khan, Fatthalung, Fithsanuloke, Phetchaburi, Phetchabun, Fayao, Yashoton, Rua and Su, Loei, Sa, Kai Ang Tong, Udon Thani, and Uttaradit320 THB (9.27 USD)
Kamphaeng Phet, Chaiyaphum, Champong, Chiang Rai, Trang, So, Nakhonshithammarat, Phichit, Pra, Maha Saraham, Mae Hong Son, Ranong, Ratchaburi, Lamphung, Si Sa Ket, Singh Buri, Sukhothai, Nong Bua Lamphu, Uthai Tani and Amnat Charoen:315 THB (9.13 USD)
Narathiwata, Pattani and Yala313 THB (9.07 USD)


To conclude, depending on your level of expertise and professional interests, decent salaries in Thailand can go into the hundred thousand. A ‘decent’ salary is also subjective and based on your own individual lifestyle.

However, while earning over 2,000 USD per month, you can live an easy and affordable lifestyle in the central city of Bangkok. Use this opportunity to consider why Thailand could become your next career destination.

Like always, if you want to discover more about Thailand, stay guided with ThaiGuider. You might learn something you never knew about this unique country.


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