Yumoto Spa Private Onsen Bangkok [Review]

Yumoto Spa claims to “blend the ancient Japanese Onsen bathing culture together with traditional Thai massage techniques to create a spa experience of pure pleasure and relaxation.”

Traditionally, Onsen bathhouses are public, and Yumoto Spa aims to bring “something different” by offering private onsens for a more relaxing and intimate experience.

Products & Services

In addition to its signature private Onsen, Yumoto Spa offers a range of spa treatments and massages, such as body scrubs and wraps, facial treatments, aromatherapy, and traditional Thai massage.

They also offer Spa Packages which combine the private Onsen with your preferred treatments. I purchased the Stress Reliever Package for 2 people, totaling 4,680 THB (approx. 135 USD).

The Stress Reliever comprised a private Onsen for 45 Minutes, followed by a 1-hour Head, Neck, and Shoulder massage. *Please note I booked this package by phone and was made to pay in advance.

Getting There

Yumoto Spa is located on Soi Sukhumvit 31 in Bangkok. It is accessible by car, taxi, and of course, tuk-tuk. However, Soi 31 is one of the busiest areas of Sukhumvit, and you’ll likely be sat in traffic during peak hours. If you like to avoid motorbike taxis, the best method to get there is by the BTS Skytrain and getting off at Phrom Phong. Yumoto Spa is approximately a 10-15 minute walk from the station.

To go to Soi Sukhumvit 31, get off the BTS Skytrain at Phrom Phong (EmQuartier side)

When traveling up Soi Sukhumvit 31, the Japanese influence is palpable. You’ll see a range of Japanese bars and restaurants. You’ll also pass the popular Let’s Relax Spa, so don’t get confused.

I visited Yumoto Spa at night, so it was not easy to find. When Google Maps indicated I had arrived, I asked a street food vendor nearby, and he pointed me to the correct building. To access Yumoto, you have to take an elevator to the X floor. Then, when the elevator opens, the spa is right in front of you.

Arrival & First Impressions

When I arrived, it was extremely quiet. In fact, I did not see another customer throughout my visit. The two spa attendants were also very quiet, but they made me feel very welcome. The spa area felt comfortable, had a lovely ambiance, and looked high-quality.

One benefit of pre-booking and paying upfront was that the arrival process was very straightforward. I was immediately given a welcome drink and a cold towel to cool off. I was also handed a questionnaire to complete and select my level of massage pressure and focus areas.

You’ll be greeted with a welcome drink, an ice-cold towel, and a massage questionnaire

The Experience & Observations

The spa attendant took us a short walk from the reception area to our room with big double doors. What greets you when you slide open the two doors is really fantastic. The private Onsen looked so idyllic and peaceful that you instantly no longer feel in bustling Bangkok.

Also, to my surprise, it contained a private Sauna. The ceiling was black and covered with fluorescent ‘purply’ lights that gave the impression of stars in the night sky – adding a romantic touch to the experience.

The Yumoto Spa Private Onsen in all its glory

While we proceeded to take some photos, the spa attendant patiently waited. She then shared some basic Onsen etiquette and explained how to use the Onsen, sauna, and shower, along with the correct sequence and recommended time for each part of the sequence. However, she talked to us in Thai, and I was unaware of this until later.

Privacy is certainly a focus of Yumoto Spa. We were handed a portable buzzer that would notify us when our time had ended, and we were told to ring a little bell to indicate when we were dressed and ready for the massage.

The Onsen tub was large and spacious compared to other private Onsens’ in Bangkok, like Kashikiri Soda Onsen and Spa. This made it very comfortable for two people. Similarly, the sauna and shower area were also suitable sizes for couples.

Yep, that’s me! Feelin’ very chill

As you would expect, the Onsen was very hot and felt detoxifying. Two small bottles of water were provided, but I needed more.

All the facilities and surroundings were very clean. One wall facing the Soi was made with mesh (I assume for ventilation). However, bamboo covered this, adding to the natural vibe and privacy. Pull-down curtains just outside the tub are also provided for those looking for extra privacy.

However, this setup could not prevent noise from being heard from the Soi. Yumoto Spa might not be for you if you’re looking for a private Onsen in complete silence.

Convenient and luxurious massage room attached to the Onsen

The massage room was attached to the Onsen, so the transition to the massage table couldn’t have been easier. Robes and other accessories, such as temporary underwear, a hair comb, and cotton buds, were available in the room. However, no additional water was provided prior to the massage.

The massage tables were very clean and comfortable and dressed in luxurious linen. The massage itself was very relaxing and pleasurable. Per my request on the form I filled out, it was not too strong. I was asked if I was “ok” during the massage, which I thought was a nice touch, as it is not common for the masseuse to do this.

After the massage, we were given some fresh apple slices to share and a refreshing Jasmine tea drink.

And that’s all, folks! (They even peeled the apples)

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Review of Yumoto Spa Private Onsen Bangkok

Name: Yumoto Spa Private Onsen Bangkok

Description: A private Onsen experience blending the ancient Japanese bathing culture together with traditional Thai massage techniques.

Price range: $30 - $500+

Payment accepted: Cash, Credit Card, PromptPay (Thai Bank)

Currencies accepted: THB

Address: 29 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Klongtoey Nua, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Telephone: +66 (0)85 563 6441

  • Location & Access
  • Customer Service
  • Vibe & Enjoyment
  • Value for Money


Yumoto Spa offers a highly enjoyable private Onsen experience. The facilities are excellent, and the spa attendants are professional. However, the premium quality is reflected in its premium price. You can find cheaper Onsen’s in Bangkok, but these typically cater for public use or have smaller tubs. Yumoto’s Spa packages are perfect for 2 people, particularly couples looking for romantic relaxation. Although, you should expect some background noise due to Yumoto’s central Sukhumvit location.


  • Spacious Onsen tub
  • Clean and Luxurious
  • Private and hassle-free
  • Professional staff
  • Romantic for couples


  • Some noise from outside
  • Little drinking water provided
  • Onsen instructions in Thai
  • Difficult to find the entrance
  • Premium price