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Dating Thai Men: 5 Characteristics You’ll Fall in Love With

Dating Thai men is different. And you can notice it right away when you do date one.

Thai men’s characteristics are unique even among Southeast Asians. That means their personalities and charms stand out even more when compared to those of the western world.

Unfortunately, almost no one talks about them at all.

In most conversations regarding dating a Thai person, you will most likely hear about “dating a Thai woman” rather than “Thai man.” And that is understandable. After all, Thai women have been renowned for their beauty and friendly disposition throughout history. And since the majority of the Thai population is female, Thai women would naturally dominate such a conversation.

But what is there to like about Thai guys?

The short answer would be “a lot.” But if you really want to be specific, you can also find the long answer here.

5 Thai Men’s Traits You’d Love About Them

thai men

These are 5 traits of Thai men that would make them boyfriends you want to brag about.

1. They enjoy pampering you

Devotion is the name of the game.

Whenever you ask your Thai boyfriend to do something, they most likely respond with an “Okay.” Then, they will start working on the task you have given them like a knight serving his queen. (4)

This might sound like a natural thing to you. Most boyfriends would do anything you say just to see you smile. However, Thai men take that to a whole new level. It almost looks like stupidity when you think about it.

Here is one example scenario when dating Thai men … One day, you suddenly felt the urge to travel to the beach 100 miles away. You then asked your Thai boyfriend to drive you there.

Even though he was busy. Even though he had not prepared. And even though he had no idea how to drive there, believe it or not, he would get you there no matter how. It’s one of Thai men’s characteristics.

This level of devotion has its own origin. There are reasons for it.

Back in the days of absolute monarchy, Thai men loved showing off their wealth. Among the best ways to do that was to pamper their wife (or wives).

If the husband failed to take good care of his wife, gossip would spread around town. He would be put to shame, then his wife and his family would get involved. And if worse came to worst, it could even lead to a demotion in his job.

Even though time has passed, this culture of pampering his partner still lingers (albeit softer in most ways).

The second reason is the cooperative nature of Thai people in general. They love peace and harmony. It is rare for a Thai person to reject you straight out. This is especially true if you are his treasured special one.

There is one warning in this personality. If you happen to get mad at your Thai boyfriend and ask him to do the impossible out of spite, beware that he might actually do it.

2. They are polite in every word they say

Dating Thai men can make you reconsider the definition of politeness. Especially in speech.

Whatever they say, Thai men always exude this aura of passivity and humility in their voice and body language. And it is obvious. The degree of which might vary from person to person, but you could mistake this calm for meekness in extreme cases.

These Thai men traits are a result of the nature of the Thai language.

If you happen to know Japanese, you might have heard of Keigo. It is a system in the Japanese language used to show respect directly from their words. (1)This system is more complicated than just adding “sir” or “madam” to everything you say.

And Thai language has something similar as well.

It is called Racha sub (royal words) and Kham Suphab (polite words). These are lists of synonyms you would use to substitute normal vocabularies when conversing with someone of higher status. Like royalties, monks, and your seniors. Thai people will select the right politeness level and speak accordingly to the occasions. (5)

In addition, the Thai language also has Kham Longtai (ending words). Thai people use these words to finish their sentences, showing respect to their interlocutors. Generally, Thai men use “khrub” while women use “kha.” (6) Think of them as words to show instant politeness. If you are learning Thai, remember to add these behind anything you say.

With these words and concepts in mind, your Thai boyfriend might stumble over his words whenever he talks to you. Do not fret. It is a part of dating Thailand guys.

This speech difficulty happens because he tries to select the best words to use with you, his special one. Even though he speaks English with you, it is still engraved deep in his nature. This characteristic prevents him from speaking to you too casually and impolitely.

3. They hold no grudges on your mistakes

“I’m sorry for making you wait for half an hour”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

This exchange happens many times when Thai people date. And without a single doubt in their mind, Thai men will forgive such a misstep and never mention it again. This is not just to appear nice. It is just the way they are.

Being late? Forgiven.

Forgetting your promises? Forgiven.

Lying to him? Forgiven.

Cheating on him? Well… That is probably too far.

Unless your mistake is at a degree of homicide or straight-out immoral Thai men will most likely forgive you. And like most behavior traits, there is a cultural explanation for it.

If you have been to Thailand before, you might have heard of this legendary phrase. The “Mai pen rai.” Thai people say it all the time.

The direct translation of this phrase is either “it’s fine” or “don’t worry about it.” The Thais mostly use the phrase to turn down an offer in a polite fashion. But in the right situation, the meaning can also completely change. (2)

However, if you are well-versed in Thai culture, you will know that this “Mai pen rai” is less of a phrase and more of an attitude. It reflects how Thai people value peace and harmony more than anything else.

Because of this attitude, dating Thai men can be more relaxing than you imagine. Thai men put more emphasis on smoothing things over rather than direct confrontation. It is a common characteristic in Thai guys that grows from a peace-obsessed society.

Knowing that arguments and fights can create an unmendable crack in a relationship, Thai men avoid such confrontations to the best of their ability. And to do that, they developed a chill temper and a calm mind. That is why Thailand’s men are extra-forgiving when it comes to mistakes.

Nevertheless, you should never cross the line with him. No matter how forgiving he is, there is a limit to everything. And once you go beyond the limit, there is usually no safe way to return.

4. They laugh all the time

You can also see this point as a continuation of point #3. A point #3.5 if you will.

Thailand is also known as the land of smiles. And there is a reason for that. Not only do people walk around with a smile on their faces, but they also laugh all the time.

As mentioned, Thai people value peace and harmony to the core. Whatever they do, they will try their best to be as least offensive as possible. And that is where the humor comes into play.

At first, it might feel weird to you when your Thai boyfriend laughs at his own failures or other mishaps. You might think something is wrong in his head, but that is not true. That is just another charm of dating Thai men.

Humor plays a big part in the daily lives of all Thai men. It works as a means to socialize, a tool to tackle stress, and a weapon against disharmony. It is one of the most prominent parts of a Thai man’s character.

“Laugh it off” is one of the go-to tactics Thai men use when dealing with emotional issues. (3) For example, if you happened to knock his favorite mug from the cupboard and break it, he would just laugh and go buy a new one with you.

It doesn’t mean that he was not upset. He just does not want you to be upset as well. In an awkward situation like that, bright laughter will dispel all the discomfort and lift everyone’s mood.

Humor is not exclusive to sticky situations either. Thai men generally love making jokes about everything. They will make you laugh at things you might not be aware of as funny. Like religions and jobs.

And if you like puns, you are in for a treat. Thai men love puns. No matter what language it is, if it is a pun, he will laugh. And he will make puns for you as well.

5. They love foreigners like you

Do you know why Thailand is a world-renowned tourist destination?

There are many answers to that question. But no matter where you look, the people will always be one of the answers.

Thai people are friendly and easygoing. Especially to foreigners. That is why dating Thai men is another great option for you to consider.

The country used to be jam-packed with tourists all year round before COVID-19. Thus, Thai men learned to throw away all the discriminating and xenophobic behaviors and embrace foreigners of all origins.

This characteristic does not stop with their welcoming attitude. Once they get used to you being around, they will start treating you as if you were a fellow Thai citizen rather than a tourist. They still acknowledge your differences, but that does not stop them from including you in their personal circle. They will make jokes with you, drink with you, and have fun with you.

And if you manage to get a Thai man to fall for you, you will get something extra. These men are willing to set aside their own business and find time to learn your language and culture. All of these are just to get a better glimpse of your thought process.

Having an understanding boyfriend never hurts. A man who has insight into your background and culture will be an ideal choice if you come from a tradition-rich country or family.

What Dating Thai Men Boils Down to…

After reading these five personality points of Thailand’s men, you may have come to realize one thing. 

That is “Thai men are quite considerate.”

They will take good care of you. They speak carefully. They avoid hurting your feelings. They always make you smile. And they are willing to know you better.

These traits take deep roots within all Thai men since they grow up in a country where cultures and traditions focus on people’s hearts and feelings.

If you happen to be looking for a dating candidate, give dating Thai men a chance. You might find yourself unable to stop talking about them once your date begins.

Like always, if you want to discover more about Thailand, stay guided with ThaiGuider. You might learn something you never knew about this unique country.


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