What Is Guest-Friendly? Best Flexible Hotels in Thailand

Guest friendly hotels are a fast-growing chain of unique hotel services around South East Asia. With excellent prices and room for extra visitors and friends, they are also referred to as “girl friendly” or “no joiner fee” hotels.

You can look forward to enjoying your location, with no worry about who you will bring back. Let’s be clear to avoid any confusion – what does a “guest friendly” hotel actually mean in Thailand?

Guest friendly hotels are affordable rentals for single visitors. While most hotels require a joiner fee, Thailand is packed with such hotels that allow you to bring back casual visitors to your room, free of cost. They surround the region from the main city, mountain regions, to the famous beaches.

If you are looking forward to inviting a lady guest or friend back to your room, then keep reading on to learn more about guest friendly hotels and some of the best ones in the Thai marketspace. From Bangkok to Pattaya and Phuket, guest friendly hotels are the best option for adventurous tourists. 

Introduction to Guest Friendly Hotels

The best hotels are those that give extra convenience and comfort. Pattaya is a famous area in Thailand, commercializing hotel rooms for single men (1). Called guest friendly hotels or joiner-friendly hotels, these rentals precisely give all the freedom you could ever want. They are also known as work girl friendly, bar girl friendly, and call-girl-friendly (1).

Guest friendly hotels do not require a joiner fee; a fee most hotels charge for when you have “outside guests” who are not registered within the hotel (1). On the other hand, guest friendly hotels do not charge any additional joiner fee. Especially for a popular location like Pattaya, you can enjoy the nighttime experience as well as the opportunity to meet new people (1).

1 to 3 star rated hotels can cost you around 600 baht while the more expensive 4-5 star hotels cost as much as 1,500 baht; still a lot cheaper than your usual hotel (1).

Joiner Policies In Thailand

Since most hotels require a joiner fee, it is likely that you will have to check-in when bringing in a partner or friend. Guest friendly hotels might be more suitable if you are looking to tag along with a close friend or long-term girlfriend/boyfriend, rather than for bringing in a different date along every night (1).

Every hotel in Thailand has its own terms and conditions for bringing back visitors, such as a maximum number of joiners allowed. Most guest friendly hotels in Pattaya would allow you to stay alone in a double room, with one joiner free of charge (1). Other hotels allow two visitors, in regards to the capacity in the room. For the third person, there might be a joiner fee. These hotels also carry requirements of age; a  minimum of 18 years old to 20-21 year olds are allowed (1).

One of the hilarious components of such services is that you still have to report your visitor to the front desk (1). Although this can be embarrassing when bringing in new people, it allows the hotel staff to check for security precautions while taking a look at their ID card or passport. The best part is regions like Pattaya offer the same prices for single and double occupancy rooms (1).

While this might sound strange, some hotels only cater to “adults only”; particularly for those near nightclubs and Walking Street; The Classroom Hotel, Galaxy Suites, and Secrets Hotel are just a few of the popular ones (1).

Cheap Guest Friendly Hotels in Phuket

Open for tourism to people from different nationalities and ethnicities, Thailand requires the need for catering to a large population of people from all over the world. Before booking your hotel, it is important to take note of what activities and destinations you hope to explore and discover. Going on vacation with family is a completely different experience than traveling alone, with your partner, or with close friends. 

Phuket is one of Thailand’s nightlife destinations. There is no shortage of nightclubs, go-go bars, and beer bars (3). With drinks, partying, and music, hotel fees can get rather pricey without warning. With extra charges for unexpected prices and unpleasant costs, you could end up spending more than intended (3). When it comes to guest friendly hotels, you can opt for spending less while also bringing people back to stay with you.

Phuket is home to cheap guest friendly hotels in the three sections of the city: Patong Beach, Kata Beach, and Karon Beach (3). Patong, for one, is home to luxury guest friendly hotels as well as cheap and affordable rentals (3). The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa is rated a 7.7/10, while the Summer Breeze Hotel is rated a high 8.6/10.

However, cheaper options such as the Orange Hotel or Forest Patong Hotel are also rated at the same number but are the most cost-friendly options (3).

Examples of Guest Friendly Hotels Around Thailand 

Bangkok is home to thousands of hotels, from affordable hotels for solo backpacker travelers to the best luxury hotels for couples and friends.

The best-recommended ones are guest-friendly rentals with excellent facilities that are great value for your money. Most commonly in the center of Bangkok are the popular guest friendly hotels of Sukhumvit.

Here are some of the top hotels in different regions, alongside their rating (2):

Region Hotel NamesRatings out of 10
Sukhumvit Soi 1Legacy Express Bangkok
Skyy Hotel 
Sukhumvit Soi 2iCheck Inn Sukhumvit
Aspen Suites Hotel
Sukhumvit Soi 4White Orchid Inn
Nana 1Boss Suites 
Sukhumvit Soi 10Cozy at Ten Hotel
Paradiso Boutique Suites
Sukhumvit Soi 16Sacha’s Hotel Uno
SilQ Bangkok
HotelGrande Centre Point Sukhumvit Terminal 21
Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel 
Silom Glitz Hotel Bangkok
D Varee Diva Bally Silom Bangkok
Centre Point Silom Hotel
Pullman Bangkok Hotel
GCrowne Plaza Bangkok
Lumpini Park So/Bangkok
Le Siam Hotel
Lebua @ State Tower
Tawana Bangkok Hotel
The Peninsula Bangkok 


To conclude, guest friendly hotels are basically an open opportunity to welcome anyone home. While famous in Thailand, there are various guest friendly hotels across Southeast Asia, such as in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, and even Tanzania, South Africa (4).

As social activities continue to increase, there will be an endless amount of resorts and luxurious destinations. However, when it comes to an average person wanting to travel for simple enjoyment, guest-friendly hotels mean having all the possible fun at a low cost.

Like always, if you want to discover more about Thailand, stay guided with ThaiGuider. You might learn something you never knew about this unique country.


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